Your tipi’s lifespan will depend on the environmental conditions and the care and attention (TLC) that you choose to apply. It also depends upon the usage, geography and materials you have chosen. For traveling tipis and short term usage we recommend a natural 100% cotton fabric. It dries quickly, pitches easily, soft & friendly to fold and store and is the most economical way to go…

If you intend your tipi to be on site for multiple seasons, we recommend a commercial grade Australian-made poly cotton canvas. We have used this canvas for 15 years and have found that with proper care, these tipis can last in excess of 10 years. We supply all the products for this maintenance.

The biggest enemy to tipis is mould and mildew.  With every tipi we supply a product called “30 Seconds Away” and recommend its usage quarterly or as required. Regular visual checks together with use of “30 Seconds Away” will ensure the integrity and appearance of the fabric will last over time.

The product dilutes 5-1 to water and is applied using a common garden pressure spray. An extension nozzle fitted to your spray pack avoids the need to use a ladder to reach the apex of the tipi. No scrubbing or rinsing is necessary.

Dirt, dust and organic materials will also settle on the skin of the tipi over time. This can be removed by spot cleaning with water and brush, light detergent or natural cleaning agents such as vinegar may be used. 

Please contact us for additional advice on cleaning, care, and maintenance.