Below is a table to work out a rough quote based on material costs. Material used is a 60/40 poly cotton Australian made treated canvas.

Bamboo poles are cleaned and treated with a bamboo preservative. poles over 18ft are treated with borax or copper-sulphate to deter bamboo borer. Poles under 18 ft are naturally resistant to borers

Hardwood poles are mixed eucalypt species and are all cleaned and oiled ready for use.

Quotes are estimates only. Please contact me for a more accurate price based on your specifications.

Pricing table
bamboo poles$20ea$25ea$30ea$40ea$50ea$60ea
wooden poles$80ea$90ea$110$130$150$160
120z canvas$1500$2000$2500$3000$3400$3900
14oz canvas $1800$2400$3000$3600$4100$4800
80z liner$600$750$900$1100$1250$1400
tipi installation$200$250$250$300$300$350
side eyelid windows$275
rear double eyelid window$400
side window clear vinyl insert$150
rear double window awning$300
front door awning$400
front door atrium $375